Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If Apple had a printing company...

I could try to tell you how cool MOO is but you just have to experience their product and service for yourself. MOO prints stuff; all sorts of stuff. And, when they deliver it, you want to save the packaging just like you want to save the packaging that encases your beloved Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.

Here's what blew my mind about MOO: I was able to order new business cards (100) and have a unique image or photo printed on the backside of each...and they pulled the photos from my Facebook photo albums! They call this Printfinity (the ability to print a different image/design on every card in the pack at no extra cost!) and they do so on premium paper stock. Insanely great, for sure.

Beyond that, they have a crazy cool assortment of holiday cards at 25% off (just in time).

Save 25% off MOO Holiday Cards until 15th December

Please see MOO and rate it here on 12/6. After 12/6, find it in the Cool Site of the Day archive.



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